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Who we are

Sllicky is a minimalist and trendy design studio, distinguished by its passion and proffesionnalisme, who creates creative concepts for clients from all over the world.

Our work process is based on a desire to utilize aesthetics to create strong conceptual ideas, and distinctive, contemporary design solutions. Because we believe great design solutions should be usable and accessible without sacrificing aesthetics.

Professional Skills

UI/UX Designer 90%
Development 92%
Branding 85%
Creative Ideas
So that you are always distinguished
Really Clean Code
To avoid the risk of crash
Talented Team
For an optimal result
Sllicky is made up of talented young people who have gathered around the same project motivated by passion, with a minimum of 5 years of experience each of them.
Adding creativity and Happiness to the world while inspiring our client.
The user experience is the driving force of our work, accompanied by a zest for research and a pinch of creativity for a project worthy of our efforts.

Let's work together

Contact us to discuss your project, we will invite you to talk about it over a coffee.

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